Overview to Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the technique to get your site rank higher in the search engine result pages. By doing proper SEO of your site you can be rank against any keyword of your site.

Search Engine Optimization comprises of how to increase the visibility in SERPs by natural or un-paid way. A well design site can be help full for more visibility. Significant keywords for on-page streamlining will be intended to make noticeable for web crawler calculations.



There are two main branches of SEO

One is On Page Optimization

Second is Off Page Optimization

On Page SEO takes care of all the key factors on the web page to increase ranking in the result pages. On page SEO consist of keyword enhancing, effective content writing and put appropriate images on the page.

To start the on page first we will find suitable keyword that would depict our site topic or theme. Then we will use these keywords in our meta tags and in the content so we can become visible for these keywords as searcher will seek the information by putting keyword phrase in the search engine. Another thing to do is put some related images to the theme of your side. Other than that the site design will also matter for higher ranking that how much time it takes to open the page and does the site mobile friendly or not.

Off Page SEO consist of the activities that are done out of the page. It means to increase backlinks on the other side to become higher in the result pages. In Off page SEO normally we use Bookmarking, Article writing, Directories Submissions and Blog Commenting.

Its not necessary that you have to get all the backlinks from high PR site, some low PR backlinks will also be helpful to increase the ranking. Also you can get baacklinks fro social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google +1.